PengSpot! New Arrival!

Hi everyone! 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here due to homework and other assignments, but I would like to make you aware of a new site! It is called PengSpot! My brother Chill made it, and it’s fantastic for communicating with friends who go on Club Penguin. Here you can have your own “spot” or page, chat with friends, post art on the gallery, and more to come! Come check it out! 😀

Click here to come join us! 😀 Hope to see you soon!

~Crazy 😀


New Fan Art!

Hey everyone! Johnny made this new picture for Club Penguin! It’s really great, you should check it out in the Art section! This is the picture you will be looking for:

by Johnny72536

Thanks guys! 😀



Here is the side of Cadence’s head…

This is the side of her hair...

Good luck Lily! Can’t wait to see these drawings! (Please comment through YouTube, Ima gonna delete this post when you done)


My Pic Got Posted!

Hey y’all! Guess what? One of my pictures from Las Vegas got chosen on the Fan Art page! Go check it out!

That's my puffle sitting on the guitar handles at the Hard Rock Hotel!

Yep! It’s not in the first row, but the third I think. Check it out and see!


Orange Puffle Available!

Hi guys! The orange puffle is available to purchase at the Pet Shop now, and it’s pretty cool! It’s got weird hill-billy buck-teeth, but it seems really awesome! Buy yours today!

All he needs is some nerdy glasses.

The orange puffle likes his green wagon, which transforms into a hot-rod vehicle! I have not seen his other toy yet, because he kept repeating the truck over and over again, but I will update this page when I see! Try feeding him different foods, giving him a  bath, putting him to sleep, and dancing when you have him on a leash. Comment and tell me what you find!

Guess what? It was my BIRTHDAY last Wednesday! February 24th! We had a huge birthday party last night, which was really fun! From my family, I got an iPod Touch, some cool shoes, a Phoenix CD, Wii Sports Resort, and some other cool stuff! From my friends, I got $35 in cash, 3 membership cards, a Walmart gift card, some cool shirts and a hat, and lots more! We all had a blast! For dinner, we went to the Cheesecake Factory in Sherman Oaks, and for dessert we had strawberry shortcake, red velvet cake, and chocolate mousse! The chocolate was my birthday cake! 😀

Dat my cake! It's all gone now...

Thanks guys! Hope this helps!


Hello pengy people! The annual Puffle Party is here at last, and I’m home from camp! The snow was really bugging me, and home was really far away. There were a lot of sick kids, throwing up and missing home. I also got a bulls-eye in archery (bow and arrow)! If you want to pee behind a tree, live without your electronics for four days, or wake up at 6:30 in the morning every morning, go to the camp I went to: High Trails in Big Bear.

In the Plaza, there is a big box full of free, colorful, puffle hat!

Puff Ball got in my shot. T_T

This year, CP put a puffle show in the Ski Village! Make sure to bring your puffle! There is also a FREE puffle jacket!

Can I get a puffle size?

When you enter, you will see a food stand, an obstacle course, a grooming section, and a judging station! Check it out!

My white puffle, Sheba, is in first place!

Somebody fix his hair...

In the Lighthouse, be sure to check out the Puffle Portraits! 😀

Look at that HANDSOME peng!

That’s it for Club Penguin! Last night, we got our beagle Jackson a true little sister from the same mom and dad! She’s a spoiled little one! Here she is:

Isn't she cute?

We named her Daisy! We got her a little name tag, a comfy bed, a bunch of toys, and a nice home!

Hope this helps! And have fun with your pets!


Quick Update!

Hey guys! Sorry I have not been posting for a couple days. I have been packing up and getting ready for my camping trip tomorrow. I will be gone from the 16th (tomorrow) to the 19th. I am not sure if anything will be happening between those dates, but if there is, I will either ask one of my brothers to take my place or do a big summary on the 19th.

So the new stage is here called the Secrets of the Bamboo Forest, and it’s really cool! I think Cp went a little crazy with the costumes though. Check out the Costume Trunk for new items to wear on your Player Card! I do not think there are any hidden items since I have checked many times, but tell me if you find anything yourself, because I can miss things pretty easily.

There is a pin that you need to get in order to get across the river to the so-called Phoenix Queen’s palace. The Golden Feather is on the top of the Beacon, so head over there! When you get the feather, a bridge will pop up every time you get close to the river bank. When you step on the surface of the palace, a spot in the floor will come up, and the prize background will be yours!

Hope this helps!