February Clothing Catalog!

Hello America and beyond! Today is the day of the big NFL Super-Bowl Event! My dad’s pretty excited! The commercials are pretty funny too…

Anyway, the new Penguin Style catalog came out on Friday, and there are a couple things to show you!

On the very first page, you can click on the snowy tree top by the penguin with the blue hat’s head to get a spring outfit!

Is she yelling, is she screaming, is she WHINING...

On that very same section, you can get the striped suede jacket by clicking on the tip of the mountain.

Turn to the page with the snowman in the corner, and click on his hat to get the jade necklace.

He's waving to us...

The Puffle Party is coming back! Can’t wait!

And, MY BIRTHDAY!! I might throw a party, so be there on the 24th of February to celebrate!

Thanks guys! Hope this helps!



Night Club Update!

Hello! There’s something that I missed in my last post. CP gave the Night Club a makeover! Well, a small one. I haven’t seen much, but go ahead and check it out! I won’t show you, because it’s a surprise! I’m not sure if it was yesterday or what, but there’s some change I can see.

Comment and tell me what you find! 😉


New Events!

Hi everybody! Happy Friday! Better check out the Penguin Times today, because there’s a lot of information you should know. After looking at all the events, mark your calendars folks! You’ll miss a lot if you don’t.

Today was the day that new tracks for your igloo were supposed to show up. Indeed, they did! The new music includes your favorites from the Puffle Party, Festival of Flight, and more!

The new songs are in bold!

Remember the caves in the Mine we talked about? Those are being closed until further notice today. 😦 But don’t worry, because they will be back next month! Rory the construction dude says he’s putting up some supportive beams or something…

Along with that, new puffle items are coming on February 12th. About time! I wonder what they will bring. I’m guessing that the little hamster wheel thing is coming back. Or is it already here…

And along with that, a new stage is coming soon on the same day as the puffle stuff! FEBRUARY 12th PEOPLE. It’s something about treasure located in a bamboo forest I think. Read more about it in the paper! Here’s a sneak peek:

Can’t wait to see it! Well, I think that’s it! Thanks guys! Hope this helps!


Results From Rockslide!

Greetings Earthlings! Whether you’ve got a computer on Mars or here on Earth, I’m going to tell you that the rockslide in the mine has opened up, leading to some caves! Come check it out!

When you get to the Mine, there are free hard hats waiting to be worn!

I've always wanted to use a jackhammer! LEMME HAVE IT!!

And where do you go to enter this excitement, you ask? Well simply go through this entrance:

Yeah, that's REALLY hard to spot.

When you get in there, you will probably see at least twenty penguins in the dirt, and a vent where you throw snowballs to make electricity.

I honestly think they should've made those words RED. It would stand out more.

There might be a lot of penguins talking about a so-called pin. It is hidden in the dirt, so you have to use a jackhammer or a shovel to find pieces of it!

A word of advice, dig where you see lines in the dirt!

See that brown line to the right of the brown peng? That's what I'm talking about!

When you find all the pieces to the pin, you will be able to move on to the next cave, which is to the far right of the screen!

Next, you will see a beautiful blue lake! Right above the entrance, you can purchase a diving suit! Pretty fancy!

Here's my diver outfit! Do I look STYLISH or WHAT?

You do not have to collect anything to get to the next cave, so if you just can’t stand the ‘mermaids’ and their desperate cries of “SINGLE MERMAID!! RIGHT HERE!!”, you may move on to the next room. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

In that very cave, you will see that the Aqua Grabber is sitting in the corner where your map would be! I wonder why that’s there…

Preparing for launch! Vroom vroom...

When you do proceed to the next cave, you will find yourself in an underwater environment, with fish and undersea plants, and penguins all over! There is one free item in here. It is a background that is stuck on a rock. Walk over to it to pick it up!

That’s all I can think of folks! Hope this helps!


Quick Hidden Furniture!

Hi everybody! Just a quick guide to what’s hidden in the new igloo catalog.

Click on the second blue stone in the lamp on the first page to get an HDTV!

If you click on the bottom of the ski poles on the second page, you will get a snowboard stand!

Yay! Hope this helps!


Mine Mystery!

Hello, hello, hello! There is a huge rock-slide in the Mine, and that is what this post is about! (Lifts magnifying glass to eye)

A strange opening in the wall...

Diggers are working to get this opened up. But the question is, how come this is there? I strongly suspect that Herbert P. Esquire is behind this! (The evil polar bear with the pet crab.) Last time, before the golden puffle trap, Herbert had planned to do something with our beloved puffles, maybe even using them as a lure to guide us to a trap. (Smokes pipe.) So I think that might be a path that has something to do with the next PSA Mission! Am I good, or am I good?

Keep checking back! (Waves flipper while smoking pipe) Hope this was interesting…

~Crazy-Lock Holmes

Fairy Fables Returns!

Howdy der MATE!! Fairy Fables came back to the Stage today, and I decided to investigate. I saw a lot of plump girls with pink pig-tails and little tiaras while I was there.

But anyway, I only found ONE hidden item today. And that item, is a silver fairy wand. Click on the radio’s CD insert thing to get it. How cute.

Click on the square in the center. I think that would be more of a cassette insert...

Wish I could make my puffle stop drinking my coffee with that wand.

And just to have a little fun with it, I put on my sheep costume!

Me, as a hip-hop sheep! See my BLANG?

I also thought it wouldn’t hurt to mess with the princess in the tower!

Good times, good times! 😀 Hopefully, she didn’t report me for that. Well, hope this helps!